Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact you regarding my order?

When will my order ship?

What if I don’t receive my order?

What if I want to cancel my order?

What if my order is received damaged?

I returned the item, where's my refund?

Why didn't I receive a product manual with my order?

I thought I made my purchase at Walmart/Sears?

Why can't I return my order to Walmart/Sears?

What if I purchase my order through eBay and found it for less on another website?

Our retail partners, eBay, Walmart, Sears, and others, set and regulate their own price points. We do not subsidize, discount, or refund any item we sell through our retail partners.

Customers should contact the competing vendor if they wish to request a refund for the price difference.

What if I want to return the item, what is the warranty for this item?

What if I need replacement parts for this item?

What if I purchased/received the item as a gift?

What if I need help with the assembly of my item?

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